Escape from QuackCorp

You play as a nameless potato who managed to escape from the ducks who planned to turn you and your friends into food. As you jump off and flee from the killing floor above, you find yourself in the sewers of the factory...


Created for Son of a Dolphin over at Glorious Trainwrecks for their Sekret Santa Event.

Date: 7/1-17  Format: Win/rar

Download (33,1mb)

Yoshi's Quest

Yoshi's Quest is a very short top-down puzzle I made for Dattorz over at Glorious Trainwrecks for their Sekret Santa holiday event.

Date: 30/12-14  Format: Win/zip

Download (1,83mb)

The Puzzle

You find yourself in a dark alley, faced with an odd looking monitor and strange writings on the wall...

The Puzzle is a short, atmospheric puzzle game - Designed to tickle your brain and your senses!

Can you solve the riddle?

Date: 13/10-14  Format: Win/zip

Download (4,44mb)

Rush 'n' Flap

A mash-up between Flappy Bird and Rush 'n Attack - Rush 'n Flap!

Flap and stab your way through this eighties action fest!

Created for the Flappy Jam.

Date: 23/2-14  Format: Win/zip

Download (2,04mb)

Swedish Summer

This was my entry for the Summer Funtition over at TDC!

It features a whooping 3 whole levels and traditional swedish folk music!

You're taken to Gustav's school graduation, where you have to protect the teacher from being stoned to Midsummer celebrations and dancing around the midsummer pole and the drunken ride home afterwards!

Date: 12/08-12  Format: Win/zip

Download (703kb)



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